Lugha Ishara

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Deaf Inclusion.


Transformational development of Deaf Children and Youth.

Why we exist

1. To leverage technology-based innovations to achieve (Deaf Inclusion).

2. Collaborate with key actors (parents, families, teachers, community influencers;medical practitioners) to increase their voice and agency in realisation of Deaf rights.

3.Reduce stigma associated with Deafness through advocacy tasks

Our products

Wadi the Animation

Wadi is a 3-year-old Deaf girl and a sign language champion. She is the first-ever Deaf cartoon character in Kenya.

She will be teaching children and their families Kenya Sign Language (KSL) and will become a household name in breaking language barriers.


Collective efforts to ensure that Deaf Children and their families realize their rights and reach their full potential

Deaf Hub

In partnership with Gertrude's Children's Hospital, the hub facilitates sign language classes for children and their families. It is a safe space for parents and children to share and learn from each other and together build social assets needed to support their children. It hosts Research and Development of the content development and advocacy platform.


We carry out various innovative and child-friendly events for cross-learning, exposure and to ultimately address myths and misconceptions related to deafness.


You are welcome to collaborate with us on any of our channels of change by reaching out to us using the contacts below.